When I posted last week that 19 NFL teams had higher local TV ratings in Week 1 than the Redskins, many people told me “just wait.” After all, during Week 1, the Redskins played in the non-sexy 1 p.m. time slot. They were going head-to-head with the Nationals. A few viewers said they lost their power during the game. And the RGIII hype wasn’t yet to 40-points-against-the-Saints levels.

So now we have Week 2 numbers. Leading to two points.

* The Redskins did indeed earn a significantly higher television rating in Week 2.

* Still, 15 NFL teams had higher local TV ratings in Week 2 than the Redskins.

According to the NFL, the team’s game against the Rams earned a 27.3 rating in the D.C. market. That’s equal to about 644,300 area households. It’s an increase of about 11 percent from the local audience for Week 1.

But it’s still far behind the most rabid NFL television markets, like Milwaukee (52.0 local rating in week 2), Pittsburgh (45.5), New Orleans (42.3), Denver (40.3), Baltimore (38.6), Boston (32.9) and Indianapolis (32.8).

Regardless, the local interest remains immense. Comcast SportsNet earned a 2.05 average for its Skins postgame show on Sunday, its highest ratings on record for a regular-season broadcast of Redskins Postgame Live. That program — which, of course, aired on a different network from the game coverage — peaked at a 3.15 rating, a viewership peak of 74,300 households, according to Nielsen numbers.

(For both the game and the postgame show, these numbers do not include people who might have been watching outside the Washington television market.)

(Denver rating number via Sports Media Watch.)


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