I once did an interview with former DC United soccer player Charlie Davies while we got pedicures, so when Wizards team podiatrist Dr. Howard Osterman went on record saying that a “handful of his team’s players” get regular pedicures, it wasn’t surprising.

But then I started thinking about which Wizards would go on record themselves about it.

“My toes are so ugly that I wouldn’t dare,” said Mo Evans when I asked if he was one of the ones with sweet feet. “I tried to go one time, a long, long time ago and I was embarrassed when the lady started trying to shave stuff.”

Trevor Booker admitted that he goes about once a month.

“It makes my feet softer,” he explained. “I usually go to the Pentagon Mall. They always put on gloves when I come in.”

It’s one thing for big athletes to admit to getting pampered, but is it okay for regular men to get them?

“Yeah, that’s cool,” Booker said.

The fact that Andray Blatche gets pedicures isn’t surprising. Also not surprising is who he gets them with.

“I usually go with my mom,” he told me. “It’s good to take care of your feet. I don’t get manicures, just the feet.”

But Blatche admits that there is some vanity involved, too.

“I like to wear open-toed sandals in the summer and let my feet breathe,” he explained. “My toes can’t be looking busted.”

But he does have one rule.

“No polish. You can get clear, but don’t be getting no colors.”

“If you’re getting colors, there’s a problem,” chimed in Roger Mason.

Uh oh. Nobody tell Dan.