Many of you have seen a new version of a Wizards logo circulating online. We won’t get into confirming or denying the validity of any logo designs. We appreciate and understand the excitement surrounding the new color scheme, and we are planning a comprehensive brand launch. We will announce the specific date for our public unveiling event soon and look forward to sharing our new brand identify with our fans.

The brand finally launched, and it was all beautiful. Sure, that red white and blue Wizard creature still existed, but sources indicated that it would virtually never be used by the franchise.

Problem is, the rest of the league and media world may not have gotten that message. I was in Vegas over the weekend, and the place I alighted Sunday afternoon was showing the Minnesota feed of the Wizards game, and that dang ugly red Wizard kept showing up throughout the broadcast. Like, a huge version of it, flashing across the screen on the way to commercial breaks. Horrific.

On my plane ride home, I was reading Sports Illustrated, when what should I see but the same ugly Wizard. Be gone, you red demon. Leave us with our pretty-but-winless team. There’s enough ugliness without you around.

In more bits of ugliness:

* SB Nation DC reported that tickets for Tuesday night’s game against the Raptors started at less than a dollar on StubHub. As of Tuesday afternoon, the site had more than 800 Wizards tickets, almost 350 at $10 or less, and more than 200 at $5 or less.

*’s Henry Abbott talked to David Thorpe about this year’s Wiz squad, and the results were not pretty.

“The measuring stick every franchise should use is if we put a different head coach in there -- take your pick of Gregg Popovich, Tom Thibodeau, Doc Rivers -- how would they look?” Thorpe said. “I’m arguing all six [recent first-rounders] would play better. That doesn’t mean Flip is a terrible coach. But he has been a bad coach in Washington. Big difference.

“Right now Andray Blatche is a problem. Nick Young is a me-first guy and a ball-stopper. They’ve got a culture issue. They’ve got a major coaching issue. I’d even call it directionless.”

Other than that, how was the ballgame?

* has a stat called Offensive Rating, a measure of how many points NBA teams would score per 100 possessions. As of now, this year’s Wizards team has the worst rating in the history of the NBA. The next nine teams all finished with winning percentages below .305. That does not bode well. Via @BulletsForever.

“Yes JaVale & the web site, thank you for reminding me to go vote for the all star game,” wrote Chris C-Ford on Hip Hops. “I won’t be selecting a single Wizards player, and especially not you. I will be not voting for you guys in all 16 languages on all the platforms the NBA has set up.”

*’s John Hollinger also shredded the Wizards this week. Here’s one passage from his Insider column:

Washington has by far the league’s lowest collective basketball IQ; these guys make the Kings look like geniuses. No team takes more bad shots or is guilty of more puzzling sequences....

Offensively, Washington plays the game as if the most valuable shot is the contested 2-point jumper. Washington is 29th in 3-point attempts and 23rd in shots at the rim; their go-to offensive plays are isolations for Andray Blatche or Nick Young to shoot a contested jumper. This is often preceded by a lot of standing around; it’s amazing how many times during a game a Wizard has the ball and just holds it and does nothing for several seconds.

“A Lot of Standing Around” would be an excellent name for the DVD recap of the season so far. Well, that or “Wicked Pixels.”

* The President of the country talked about DeShawn Stevenson on Monday. “They said DeShawn Stevenson was too crazy,” Barack Obama said, in honoring last year’s NBA champs. Oh, to remember when.

* Here’s something that exists: You can probably guess the answer.