One final post about Bruce Boudreau and Madison Square Garden.

* New York Daily News back page: SILENCED.

* Jason Chimera on the crowd:

“You know, they’re passionate people. It was great. You knew they were gonna respond well. It’s a great building to play in, the atmosphere was great....We were laughing quite a bit on the bench when they were saying Shut Up Bruce before the puck dropped, but it was pretty funny, and then Can You Hear Us was pretty good. They’re pretty passionate people, which is fun to play in front of. I think any time you look up and just see that everyone’s yelling, it’s great. It’s playoff hockey. What can you say?

* David Gregory, postgame Tweet: “Caps win! Rangers - we still can’t hear you! Yes!!!!!”

* Mike Vaccaro in the New York Post:

Not only was everyone united toward the common cause of inviting the Caps’ latest playoff collapse, there was a common enemy, too. And the Garden cleared its throats and opened its lungs and tapped chatty old Bruce Boudreau on the shoulder.

“CAN YOU HEAR US?!?!” the people chanted.

“CAN YOU HEAR US?!?!” they roared.

“CAN YOU HEAR US?!?!” they sang.

* Boo-Dreau headline alert.

* The above History Can’t Hear You Now spoof is fun.