(Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post)

Two losses and 20 points later, Theismann hasn’t changed his mind. He was on with Mike Wise again on Thursday, and Wise asked if the Redskins were better off with Beck under center.

“No, they’re not,” Theismann said. “I think John’s inexperience has shown a little bit. John hasn’t played a lot of football; Rex has played a lot more football and I think is a little bit more comfortable with what they want to try and do.

“Remember, Rex, this is his third year in the system. He’s made some decisions that have hurt him. Some of the interceptions are not his fault and some of them are. That’s all shared. It’s like the 10 sacks last week against Buffalo. I think John has to shoulder responsibility for five of them, and the job up front by the offensive line and tight ends and route runners have to shoulder some responsibility.

“But I think that if John struggles in this game, I think Mike’s almost obligated to go back to Rex. You thought that John Beck would bring you some more versatility, you thought that he would bring you a little more [mobility to] the quarterback position, but it hasn’t really worked out that way with all the injuries.”

Later, Wise asked Theismann whether he faults Kyle Shanahan for the team’s offensive struggles.

“No, I don’t,” Theismann said. “I’m sorry. I’m a big believer in concepts and plays, but if you don’t have the protection to be able to execute in the passing game, you’ve got a problem. If you’ve got quarterbacks making mistakes and taking sacks on 1st-and-10, that’s not your fault. You know, there were a couple times that John Beck should have just thrown the ball away. Give Kyle the opportunity to be able to call a play at 2nd-and-10, not 2nd-and-16, especially when you’re struggling up front.”

Want some more?

“John Beck has to realize that he is 1-11th of the offense, and he has a job to do,” Theismann continued. “Trying to do more than that job will only exacerbate the situation. Let Kyle call [plays]; if you’re not protected, get rid of the football. And those are the things that he’s gonna have to do.

“But I would say that if they have another struggling week like they had, that they may start to lean back and go ok, we’ll go with Rex. But this year, I’m telling you, the Redskins need to go get a quarterback, if only for the fact that both John and Rex are 30 years old. You have to think about two, three years down the road, four years down the road, who’s gonna play quarterback for the Redskins?”