During an offseason when even optimistic Redskins fans are hoping for 9 wins, Theismann now says this team has a shot for double-digit wins, and that the Redskins are the NFL’s most underrated squad.

“I think they can go double-digits,” he told Mike Wise and Holden Kushner on 106.7 The Fan this week. “I know there are people that don’t think they’ll win 8 games. I think this team can be a double-digit win football team. They’re not afraid of the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re not afraid of the Cowboys. They’re not afraid of the Giants. They’ll beat the Giants on Sunday afternoon.”

And then they’re going to South Carolina, and Oklahoma, and Arizona, and North Dakota, and New Mexico, Yeaaaarrrrrrrghhhhhh!

Anyhow, playoffs?

“Here’s the situation you’re faced with,” a suddenly sober Theismann said. “Atlanta will probably be in the playoffs, Chicago, Green Bay. These are teams that you have to look at and say ok, they’re going to be there, so where do you fill in the other spots?

“I mean, can Philadelphia get there? Sure they can. They’re a very talented football team. But I think the Redskins are the most underrated team. I think Detroit is the one that’s gonna make the biggest leap, but the Redskins to me are the most underrated football team in the National Football League....People don’t know how good the Redskins are gonna be, and they’re gonna find out on Sunday afternoon.”

Well, then. That’s optimistic. Sunshine and fresh peaches and walks on the beach and freshly baked pumpkin bread optimistic. With chocolate chips.

The other fascinating thing Theismann said concerned Rex and Beck.

“Rex is unflappable,” Theismann said. “When Rex Grossman signed and came back, the way it was decided who was gonna be on the first team was by a coin flip. Kyle Shanahan basically brought a coin out and said ok, call it, heads or tails. And John wound up getting the start in practice over Rex. That’s how it turned out. It was a coin flip. Rex told me that, that it was a coin flip....

 “First practice, Rex said when he showed up what Kyle basically said is all right, who gets to run with the first team, let’s flip a coin. And Rex didn’t win it.”

I’m not totally sure what this is about, since this is the practice report from Washington’s first practice with both quarterbacks.

Grossman got the first round of first-team snaps during the team's 11-on-11 drills. Later in practice, during the timed, down-and-distance 11-on-11 work, Beck got the first-team snaps. Both Grossman and Beck had some rather ugly passes, and a few overthrows of open receivers.

Anyhow, Theismann said Redskins fans should be thankful.

“We’re lucky,” he said. “We have a couple quarterbacks that can play in Washington. There are places like Carolina, where they’d love to have one of our guys to be able to be the starter down there.”