And just because Fox 5 highlighted one fanbulance — which I then blogged about — doesn’t mean it was the best fanbulance.

I mean, certainly, that fanbulance didn’t appear to have a grill strapped to a gurney, where the present-day dead animal can be cooked in the very space know, forget that thought.

Anyhow, Reader Thad sent along these details about the vehicle seen here:

We bought a retired ambulance in April of 2010. The biggest obstacle when the idea was hatched was my wife wouldn’t allow me to park it in my driveway. I was talking about it to my buddy who said you can park it at my place and the hard part was solved!!! We are now partners in this adventure!!!

We bought a retired gurney and bolted a full-sized grill to it. So, it folds up in the back and we roll it out for the tailgate.(My favorite part of the whole process!!)

We did a vinyl wrap. Came up with various “important” Skins phrases and events in the past: Black “21” for Sean Taylor, “We bleed burgundy and gold,” all three winning Super Bowl logos, the spear down the side, “Redskins” in reverse on the front like an ambulance.

We call it the “Diesel”. It has a diesel engine so it fits, but it was really after Riggins. We have a logo with a big “44” on the side and the Diesel Tailgating Crew.

It’s a work in progress. We are still working on the inside. Haven’t done too much there, but will continue to tweak it a little every year!!!

Plus, there’s a grill bolted to a gurney. Ah, America.