But some cynics thought it was sort of hard to see the threat in these clouds, which caused the nats to preemptively cancel their scheduled matinee with the Pirates. Some online reaction:

Capital Weather Gang: We catch a nice break while heavy rains fall to the W & SW. A mistake to cancel the Nats game?

NTP_Nate: Nice day for a ballgame, innit?

DCUniverse: Not sure if it’s safe to go out for lunch. Looks completely dry to me, but the #Nats assure me it’s storming right now. Better not risk it.

Videnieks: Good thing the Nats pre-emptively cancelled their game today. This sun has got to be tough to play in.

OldLineStateAl: I sincerely hope there’s more than a canned apology from @NationalsPR regarding today’s PPD #Nats game that has produced no rain. Nationals PPD today’s game at 9:41am. In 5hrs it has rained for all of 3 minutes. Currently, the sun is out at Nats Park.

GheorgheTheBlog:Why the hell did #Nats cancel that game so early this morning? I work 2 miles from Nats Park, and despite some ominous clouds, no real rain.

DCUniverse: I can’t look out the window. The sun is mocking me. And what really sucks? This would have been the day Teddy finally won. Guaranteed. #Nats

Oh, and also, it was Nationals Weather Day. FOX 5’s Tucker Barnes and Tony Perkins were scheduled to teach students “about the effects of weather on the field and on the players themselves.” Today would have been a great day to teach the effects of mild sun and light clouds.