Want to get your name mentioned on the D.C. Sports Bog? Just get a sports-talk radio show and then rip the hosts of another sports-talk radio show. Man, I just can’t get enough of this stuff.

You’ll recall that in last week’s episode, 106.7 The Fan’s Junkies reported that Donovan McNabb refused to wear a playcalling wristband out of pride leading to a postseason disagreement between Redskins power brokers and other bits of mayhem, a report that various D.C. media members then attempted to discredit.

Well, it gets better, because an ESPN 980 host on Tuesday attempted to discredit the report by virtue of it appearing ON SPORTS TALK RADIO.

This came on The Sports Fix, when Steve Czaban, Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro were discussing the large number of leaks that emerged from Ashburn last fall.

“Let us separate the leaks that we went through last season with this current thing about the armband, because we are talking about a leak that came from a sports talk radio station,” Loverro said. “THIS is not coming from ANY credible reporter whatsoever, and has been disputed by various media outlets — including Comcast SportsNet — in this town, the validity of it. I’m not gonna argue if it’s true or if it’s not, but THIS is totally different from the Mort/Schefter leaks that we were getting during the season. This is something out of left field.”

“If I may, Thom, before you ooze condescension over sports-talk radio, look around at where you are today,” Czaban pointed out.

“Yeah brother,” Sheehan said.

“Yeah, but you wouldn’t see us leaking — well, you wouldn’t see ME — saying something like that,” Loverro argued. “I mean, come on.”

“You can’t just say, ‘Well, that woman’s a whore, so she wasn’t raped,’ ” Czaban came back. “You know, you don’t know.”

Well then. And before anyone brings up ESPN 980’s ownership, I should point out that Czaban had spent much of the previous 10 minutes just eviscerating Dan Snyder and the past decade of Redskins decisions, in stark and unforgiving words.

Anyhow, Eric Bickel from the Junkies responded via Twitter, writing this:

They are hysterical... honestly... why exactly are we not credible? bunch of journalists know we got it right.

Of course, ESPN 980’s Chris Russell — the former 106.7 reporter — also jumped back into the fray on Twitter on Tuesday, with stuff like this:

Funny what u read sometimes on the net about Dan being mad at Shanny about McNabb/wristband. So many mistruths, not even funny.

And this:

Dan Snyder was here for all three days of draft, in war room for most of time, but trust me - he lets Shanny/Bruce do their job.

Ratings, boys, ratings. For me. Keep the vitriol flowing. Let the hate flow through you. I need something to write about.