(Patrick Semansky/AP)

1) People started coming up with names for this event. Like Strasurrection.

2) Ticket prices on the secondary market, which were already high for Sept. 6 on speculation, began to go even higher.

From Aug. 19 - Aug. 25, when the Sept. 6 date began to pick up steam, prices for that game went up 66.4 percent, according to secondary seller TiqIQ, which has a business partnership with The Post.

By Tuesday morning, the prices has settled in at around $60, 43 percent above the Nats season average.

By 8:30 p.m., after Davey Johnson had confirmed Sept. 6 as a go, the average price was at $68.46, 63 percent above the season average.

And by 10:30, the average price was $76.39, 82 percent above the season average.

That’s a pretty big spike in one day.

The average ticket price for Strasburg’s June 8 debut last year, according to TiqIQ, was $86.72, a number the Strasurrection won't touch. And indeed, by Wednesday morning the prices had already dipped slightly. I’d guess they’ll dip a lot more between now and Sept. 6. And for the Sept. 11 game, which coincides with the Redskins home opener, you’ll be able to go for a bag of sunflower seeds.

If you’re obsessed with this stuff, @PostTiqs is promising hourly updates for anyone looking for more info.

Meanwhile, according to StubHub, here are the minimum get-in prices for the next 10 Nats home games: $3, $5, $5, $4, $16, $6, $5, $4, $5, $7. One of those stands out.