Say what?

“Witness,” added Gene Wang, who was standing directly next to Hernandez when this happened.

Now, maybe no one ever mentions this to Tiger if he goes on to lose his own tournament to Bo Van Pelt. But because he won, and everyone was happy, it’s a funny topic for a post-tournament on-set interview. (Video below.)

“On 12, you hit a wayward drive, and I’m only going to mention this now because you won,” Hernandez told Woods on the Comcast SportsNet set. “You found your ball near the tree. You hit somebody. You know who?”

“I hit you right in the butt?” Woods asked.

“Couldn’t miss,” cracked Gary Williams, causing the former Maryland coach and Tiger to share a moment, as seen above.

“I didn’t say it, he said it,” Woods managed.

“No, I’m sorry, I tried to stay out of it,” Gary apologized.

“You hit me hit right here,” Hernandez said, pointing to his elbow, which he will never wash again, “and it bounced over that little bush, little tree. It would have hit me or [David] Feherty at that point.”

(Note: Apparently the arm has already been washed. My apologies. )

Then Williams asked Woods what he would have done if the Chick carom had put his ball even more directly behind the tree.

“Granted, I did hook it over there,” Woods said, “but I’d still blame him.”

Before the segment ended, they returned to this topic.

“I promise you next year I will stay way left of the trees, so I’m not even close to getting whacked by an errant tee shot,” Hernandez said.

“Well, next time throw it in the fairway,” Woods requested.

“Next time I will,” Hernandez promised.


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