(Bob Leverone/AP)

“Oh, that’s a dream come true for me,” said Hightower, who played college ball at the University of Richmond. “First of all, being back here growing up as a kid not knowing if I’m going to get the opportunity to play pretty much in my backyard. And then getting the chance to do training camp in the place I went to college, that’s two great things to me. It’s pretty exciting. I’ve got coaches and the community there, pretty much where I got started, you know, where I made a name for myself. I get a chance to have that community’s support and go back there where I kinda grew up a little bit.”

It’s a two-hour trip from the center of the District to Richmond, so it’s a hike for those further north. But for Hightower, it’s a relief.

“That makes it great for me. I don’t have to worry about phone calls and where people are staying and hotels. I’ll just tell them stay home and come see me at practice.”

It’s not the same as taking in a game, but it’s certainly cheaper.