(Tom Gannam/AP)

 “I’ve got to get my shoulder ready,” the running back said. “I’ve got to get treatment. The fun will be in February when you guys are interviewing us up in Indy. That’ll be fun.”

“Bold prediction,” Johnson said.

“Yeah, it’s a very bold prediction, but I’m gonna stand by it,” Hightower said. “I’m gonna stand by it.”

And thus, with the team’s possible starting running back predicting the Redskins will make a Super Bowl appearance, Rex Grossman’s NFC East title prediction no longer seems particularly noteworthy.

Have other Redskins throughout history predicted such glory? I’m not sure. I did find this in a Ken Denlinger column, after the team won its first Super Bowl.

One of the Hogs, Russ Grimm, had confided off the record before the game: “We’re gonna give the ball to Riggins and blow ‘em out.”

Plus, Joe Theismann predicted before the 2005 season the Redskins would go to the Super Bowl, and repeated his prediction before their regular-season finale that year.

“What’s changed to make me change my mind?” he told The Post. “I don’t care if people think I’m a homer. You could analyze this team and come to the same conclusion.”

Coaches have been more muted, not surprisingly.

“We’ve made so many changes and so many things are new, starting with the staff, that only a fool would make a prediction at this point,” Joe Gibbs said before his first season.

But the most famous Redskins prediction likely came from Jack Kent Cooke, who included in his 1980 press guide bio this line: “The Super Bowl for the Redskins in 1980.” He repeated that prediction during the preseason.

“Jack Kent Cooke, in his new role as the chief Redskin executive, made his first-ever appearance today at training camp and promptly reiterated his prediction that Washington will win the Super Bowl,” The Post reported that summer.

The Redskins finished 6-10.