Speaking of 1936 and the Senators, here’s something Shirley Povich wrote during Spring Training that spring, concerning some of the fellers out auditioning for the big league club.

In uniform, they’re an ill-kempt lot, these lads who haven’t had minor league experience, and some never acquire the knack of wearing a big league monkey suit until they’ve spent years in the minors. You can spot hicks by the angle of their caps, the billows in their pants, the distinct minor league business where their baseball socks meet their trousers. It’s a baseball adage that every good ball player looks well in his uniform, which may be dirt-smeared and torn, but which he knows how to wear.

And in the same manner you never know from a guy’s appearance in civilian clothes how he is gonna look in uniform. He can look like an Adonis in mufti but in baseball flannels he’s apt to personify all the class of Seth Perkins of Pumpkin Center. My idea of a swell-looking ball player in uniform who appears to be every inch a big leaguer when he has on his monkey suit is Ossie Bluege, but in civilian clothes, Bluege looks like something less than a guy who has just stepped out of a Bond street toggery.

Anyhow, I’m not sure exactly what Povich would have made of Coffey, but I’m guessing “Bond street toggery” might not have sprung to mind.

(First seen on Big League Stew, Mr. Irrelevant, SB Nation DC.)