Because you, like I, love Thomas Boswell and love reading about Philly fans, and because you might have missed this amazing moment from his chat, I present to you the thoughts of an 18-year-old Boz, when asked about “the tragic scene yesterday at Nationals Park of yet another invasion of the worst fans in baseball.”

The scene yesterday was not new, but it was still a travesty.

It’s a good thing (for me) that I’m not 18 again and going to ballgames with three of my old D.C. street-ball buddies. One was the nose-guard in football for Anacostia, one was a hurdler at Eastern and the third, who went to Western, was the best all-around ‘street athlete’ of us. I’m afraid we did a few rowdy things. I hate to think what would have happened if we’d been sitting near some Phils fans our age who act the ways these clowns do. I’m positive it wouldn’t have ended negatively. And I’m sure the Anacostia nose guard would have started it and probably finished.

Like I said, good things Nats fans are so “nice.” I hope, in time, they get over it. If (yeah, if, if, if) the Nats are ever in a playoff race with the Phils, I think you’ll see the same DC reaction that was prevalent when the Redskins were good from ‘81 to ‘91 and Cowboy or Giant or Eagle fans came to town. Not (generally) uncivilized. But far from doormats for the visitors.

Man oh man, for a photo of Boz, the nose guard, the hurdler and the athlete.

(Also, Boz, please don’t kill me for highlighting this.)