Say this for Tom Penders: he isn’t opposed to going 30 years into the past to make his point about college basketball.

The longtime coach — whose career included a stop at GW — is on a massive media tour to promote his new book, Dead Coach Walking, which included a Tuesday stop on ESPN 980’s Sports Fix. And while Penders was discussing his time at Fordham, he took a major swipe at Georgetown.

“We had a president that used to be on the board of trustees at Georgetown, Father O’Hare,” Penders said. “He took over in my seventh year and he wrote me this long letter or memo asking me why we weren’t just like Georgetown. And I asked him, I said ‘Can Patrick Ewing be admitted here?’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah.’

“And I showed him an application and an old transcript from Patrick Ewing in high school, and he looked at me and he said this is either not his transcript or this is not the same guy and this and that. It had Rindge and Latin from Cambridge on it. And I am not at all opposed for liberal admission policies and special admits, and Patrick was certainly worth everything for Georgetown. He never get in trouble, he never did anything wrong. You know, they basically created an art department for him at Georgetown. The Jesuit priests of Georgetown knew what they were doing, but this guy who came to Fordham was either smoking funny cigarettes or he had a needle in his arm that I couldn’t see.”