In the run-up to Game 5, Caps fans debated what the proper response to New York’s “Can You Hear Us?” chant might be.

The answer, by unanimous ascent, wound up being “We Are Louder,” which was deployed at least four times in the first two periods. Hear it above. Still, I’m not sure it carried quite the passion of the “Avery Sucks” cheer that rose up from the belly late in the second period.

Other fan sightings? Former winger Tomas Fleischmann, sitting unmolested in Section 105. That bouncer dude from 9:30 Club, with a personalized jersey. That red-painted-head dude who always shows up on Comcast SportsNet, with a personalized jersey of his own. The future wives of Alex Semin and John Carlson. And signs about noise, and the Savior.

(Video via the Daddy of Puck)