Want to know what Tony Kornheiser thought about Bruce Boudreau’s firing? Sure you do.

“See, what Alex Ovechkin is saying now — that he got along well with Bruce Boudreau and he liked him a lot — that technically comes under the heading of Lies People Say,” Kornheiser said on his ESPN 980 radio show. “It’s not true. You need to know, this is not true.

“Superstars do this. Magic Johnson said ‘I’m not playing for Paul Westhead.’ Went to Jerry Buss and said ‘You can keep him if you like, but I’m gonna go somewhere else.’

 “And Alex Ovechkin, you should have no doubt that Alex Ovechkin or surrogates for Alex Ovechkin went to the powers that be and said ‘I’m done with this guy. I’m done. You want me to play better, get rid of him. ‘They knew it. They could see it. So that’s why he was fired....  

“By the way, he’s not the only coach to have choking dogs in the playoffs. This is a tradition in Washington much like lighting that tree.”

Want some Wilbon? Here he is, also on Kornheiser’s show.

“It’s all on Ovechkin now, it’s all on Ovechkin,” Wilbon said this week. “And look, they had to do this. They had to do this. I get it. He is not the first superstar to get somebody fired, he’s not the nicest superstar to get somebody fired. So Ovechkin doesn’t monopolize that.

“But let’s just say this: it’s ALL on Ovechkin now. All of it. All of it. You know what, win. Win something. Win something. Because right now, you haven’t done jack. You’ve got a lot of hardware, you’re a great player, you’ve got charisma, oozing charisma. Yes, I will put down money to see you play. But you better win. You got a guy fired, you didn’t want him, all of this is ALL on Ovechkin, and that’s fair.”