Tony Kornheiser has occasionally dropped pessimistic asides about the future of his ESPN 980 radio show in recent weeks. Tuesday, he changed his message.

“I need to talk about the immediate and long-term status of this show,” he said during his second hour. “The long-term prospects for this show have brightened recently. This show should be on the air for another two years, at least, so I think that’s very good....

“I thought we should make that clear, because I was pessimistic for a while that the show would end and that we’d have to find another place to do the show. The show won’t end....The show will continue, so I should say that.”

(Audio is here; May 8, hour 2.)

I asked ESPN 980 director of programming Chuck Sapienza if this were indeed the case; “Our goal has always been to have Tony with ESPN 980 long-term, and we hope to have an official announcement soon,” he wrote back.

Kornheiser also said he will be making his annual trip to Bristol this week, and will be a guest on the Mike & Mike program Thursday morning, apparently for a single segment.

“Although if they knew what they were doing, they would just have me do the entire hour,” Kornheiser said. “In fact, they would leave, and I would just do the hour, and I’m happy to do that.”

Also, Kornheiser said Tuesday that he will take his typical lengthy summer vacation, during which time I will get 47 e-mails asking if his show is still on the air.

“I am gonna take the summer off,” he said. “The last show should be at the end of June, like a Thursday or Friday at the end of June. And then there will be no shows in July or August, so you should just be aware of that. I’m gonna go on vacation. I will be doing PTI a few of those weeks, but I’m gonna not do the radio.”

(First mentioned by DCRTV.)