I wish I had the Gruden and Jaworski quotes handy, but if you were watching, you probably have some sense of what they were saying. Actually, they may have been singing Hosannas rather than strictly speaking. Or just kneeling and weeping.

Oh wait! Here’s one Jaws passage, via KSK:

“Mike, Tony Romo has DONE! HIS! JOB ! What a MEMORABLE evening by Tony Romo. He’s been getting hit all night, he’s had bad snaps all night, he’s got rookie wide receivers making mistakes, all kinds of errors on the offensive line, with a broken rib, fourth quarter, he takes his team DOWN the field, converts a third-and-21 on an electrifying play, moving around, allowing Dez Bryant to open up. Romo, WOW, so far.”

Yup. Eighteen memorable points. Six memorable field goals. One memorable floating interception. Several memorable mean faces at his teammates for screwing up.

Oh wait! Here’s Ed Werder with Romo:

Tony, you overcame a lot of unique challenges tonight. Physically, how difficult was it to just play the game and get through the hits?...How did you overcome all the bad snaps, all the wrong routes? You were doing a lot of coaching on the field

A bunch of football fans already were pointing out how amazingly memorable Romo was on Twitter, so I’ll give you a head start.

@videnieks: Tony Romo brokered middle east peace and invented pretty girls.

@LoudGoat: Tony Romo sealed the hole in the ozone layer with his heavy sighs after each incompletion.

@sixZEROnine: If Romo played in Carolina sunday. He would have walked on that water.

@thebrowncoat: I'm so glad the Second Coming has arrived in the person of Tony Romo.

@chimpanzeerage: It’s amazing how Romo marches his team down the field every time and fails to score a TD...that takes a special talent

@ChadDukes: I'm a [bleepin] REDSKINS FAN. I dont hide it. I SAY IT ON AIR. So SAY IT, Jaws! Say it Gruden!! Be a man! Say “I LOVE ROMO.” I’d respect that!

@jtannenwald: And at long last, Tony Romo does something to show that he is the greatest football player in the history of creation.

@TannerCooley: Ed Werder — “Hey Tony, what can I do to see the inside of your pants?”

@macg_og: “One of Great victories in Tony Romo's career?” no TDs and 6 FGs? ESPN so wants the Cowboys to be a good team, it’s sickening.

@matt_terl: Seriously, Jaws: how are you trying to spin this as an amazing game for Tony Romo?

@jdprose: Will Romo at least give Jaws cab money home tonight? Good God.

@branballs: How come ESPN wasn’t there when I had rib pain and still did my Haftorah at my Bar Mitzvah? Gruden’s gift would’ve been amazing.