(Nationals Inquisition)

And thus, the 2011 Jayson Werth card, as discovered by Nationals Inquisition. Take it away, DangerNat:

Taking a closer glance at the card you start to see some inconsistencies. First, he isn’t at a Spring Training stadium so how he played in Nationals uniform in that situation is unknown. Then you notice a blurred out Atlanta Braves player sitting in the dugout to his left in his home whites. Teams would not be playing each other in home colors. Then you look at Werth’s Nats uniform itself and it is really there you notice it is a complete Photoshop job. The logos look a little off, the Curly W on the helmet is way too big, the “white” is actually grey, Werth’s gloves have that craptastic Phillies wine color as does his shoes and if this was really the Nationals new home jersey, then where are the two red lines going down the front of the jersey shoulder to belt?

Well, yeah, but besides that, the card is perfect. Well, his chest also seems to have inflated a bit.

Anyhow, can’t wait to see that Brewers Nyjer Morgan card, in which Morgan is seen menacing the fans of whatever team the Brewers have bad feelings toward.