I mean, there are tiger stripes on it. Like, all over it.

New head men’s basketball coach Pat Skerry says that having a new look on the playing surface has been a discussion item with the new recruits that the program has signed since his arrival in April.

“Just like Oregon did last year at the Matthew Knight Arena with their new look, we feel that our new court is a plus for recruiting because kids like things that are unique and cutting edge in design.” Skerry added that “when the guys first saw the court design on the www.TigerArena.com web site it got a great response, so we figured as long as we are getting the court repainted why not go with the new design now.”

The school press release says there will be “watermark tiger stripes” on the court, plus a Paw mark at the scorer’s table, and that the will project will require 500 man hours, eight gallons of paint and 62 gallons of finish.

(Via @tomcblock)