For reasons I don’t exactly understand, the Wall Street Journal this week busted out a massive jet tracker database with information on flights flown by non-commercial jet aircraft traffic from 2007-2010. To make this database, the Journal filed FOIA requests with the FAA, and then matched tail numbers with an FAA list of list of aircraft operators.

The reason you might be interested is because you can use this database to look at every flight logged by the Red Zone Aviation jet during that four-year period, as one of my readers pointed out. Yes, that would be the plane we often refer to as “Daniel Snyder’s private jet” in print.

The leading destinations for the plane, according to the Journal database, include some cities you’d expect, like Indianapolis, site of the yearly NFL combine, or Aspen, where Snyder has often vacationed.

And it also includes Winchester, which is a weird place to fly from Dulles.

The leading destinations:

West Palm Beach - 35

Teterboro, N.J. - 24

Winchester - 20

Indianapolis - 9

Aspen - 7

Nashville - 7

Tampa - 7

Phialdelphia - 6

Miami - 6

Bridgeport, Conn. - 5

Pittsburgh - 4