Another day of questions about Peyton Manning’s future, another day of pretty vague references to Washington that are good enough for a blog post. This is all from ESPN’s Mike and Mike and Mike and Mike.

Adam Schefter: “I think all the teams that we’ve talked about before, I expect that they‘ll all be in on Peyton Manning. You think Miami, you think Washington, you think Arizona.”

Mark Schlereth: “You and I both have history with Mike Shanahan. Washington would be a place where that might be a fit.”

Trent Dilfer: “You know, I’ve been listening to [Schlereth] talk about the Washington fit. I do think that’s very realistic. The only one that holds me up there is Shanahan’s always been a guy that wants a mobile quarterback. But Mike’s also good enough to know how to adapt to a guy like Peyton Manning, and Peyton’s mobile enough within that tight space, you can still change the launch point with him. That one makes a lot of sense.”