(Toni L. Sandys/Washington Post)

“See, our privacy was invaded,” Williams told me. “We basically asked someone to come in and fix something with our audio system and I guess he snooped around, took pictures and sent them to Deadspin. That’s really an uncomfortable situation for me, just to know that someone would be snooping around, doing stuff like that. Who knows what he was doing other than taking pictures.”

I think most of us can agree that taking pictures of private spaces under the guise of a professional relationship is a pretty jerky thing to do

The pics were taken last week, and Williams doesn’t know the name of the company the sneaky photographer works for because his fiancée set it up. But you can be sure that the future Mrs. Williams will be making a few phone calls.

“I thought it would be an unspoken rule, no pictures, this and that,” he said. “I guess now we gotta say something about it.”

Because the photos are already floating around the web, Williams was nice enough to explain the artwork in them. The paintings, one of Williams facing off against a gorilla and another of Williams as a gorilla, pay homage to his nickname, “Silverback.” Both were painted by former Redskins assistant strength and conditioning coach Malcolm Blacken and were commissioned by Williams.

As far as the Silverback-themed pool table, that was a gift.

“The pool table was a surprise from my fiancée. She did that for me for Christmas.”

What nice people. I hope you feel bad, Mr. WhoDoYouKnowHere.

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