“Two friends of mine ate an entire StrasBurger today,” Reader Jordan e-mailed me Thursday evening. “The Red Porch staff told them that they were the second people to order one.”

He asked if I wanted more details. I did. Obviously.

“The waitress said we were the second people to order the burger, after a lone StrasBurger-consuming individual whose identity is mysterious (in that I don’t care),” Andrew later wrote to me. “It was a fun and memorable way to celebrate Opening Day, but if I ever eat that thing again I will bring more people.”

Reasonable. But how was the beastly burger itself, you’re surely wondering.

“The other fixins (lettuce, cheese, pickles, sauce) were just regular burger toppings in enormous amounts. The StrasBurger is the only thing I’ve ever eaten at Nats Park that has caused random passers-by to stop and gawk, that’s for sure.”