I can tell you from personal experience that Tyler Clippard is a really nice guy. So when people started emailing and tweeting about him spitting on baby ducks, I was skeptical.

Some fans sent Deadspin this video of Clippard and some ducks that apparently hang out in the Rockies visitor’s bullpen. The video appears to feature Clippard spitting water on the baby ones.

“You’ll be on the ‘not top ten,’ buddy,” said the takers of the video.

But not so fast. Ryan Mattheus was quick to clear up the matter and turn Clippard from animal teasing villain, to baby duck whisperer.

@acomak they have they’re own private pond! And we feed em seeds all game! #petbullpenducks

— Ryan Mattheus (@RyanMattheus) June 27, 2012

@acomak so serious! We crack the shells for them! A mom and two baby ducks! #duckyfriends

— Ryan Mattheus (@RyanMattheus) June 27, 2012

Gio Gonzalez was also enchanted by the ducky friends.

“When I was in the bullpen, there was three ducks standing by home plate. I was just impressed by the whole situation,” he told Adam Kilgore. “We had to tell Flo [Jesus Flores] to scoot them over. It was kind of cool. That’s the one thing I’m always going to remember about Colorado. I was admiring the ducks.”