“I grew up listening to them, and ever since I became a reliever I always thought that would be kind of a pretty cool song to come out to,” the Nats reliever said. “It makes sense, you know, the lyrics. And I’ve always liked that song.”

When told that the song’s easygoing beat makes it an odd choice, Clippard disagreed.

“I feel like it’s really badass, actually,” he said.

In case you’re not familiar, the beginning of the song goes like this:

Ready or not, here I come. You can't hide.

Gonna find you and take it slowly.

Ready or not, here I come. You can’t hide.

Gonna find you and make you want me.

The rest of the song is about robberies, death and life in the ghetto. It’s all very Tyler Clippard.

The conversation then turned to the Nats bullpen’s video reading of Fifty Shades of Gray last month. Because, of course.

“We were trying to make it uncomfortable. That was the idea,” Clippard explained. “We had fun with it, man. Those guys at the Fan Cave are pretty clever and they came up with that skit for us and then we just kind of rolled with it. I don’t know if you saw the video but as we were reading that we just kind of looked at each other in an awkward way. We kind of came up with that ourselves and we just kinda had fun with it. It turned out pretty good.

“I’m going to stay away from the book,” he continued. “From what I hear it’s more for the females, maybe. I’ve heard some things, but I’m not really interested.”

Full audio is below and includes Clippard’s quick take on the Strasburg shutdown, which I refuse to transcribe because zzzzzz:


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