On the great Maryland state flag uniform debate, I’ll side with the 46 percent of Post readers who chose “love ‘em” on Monday night. Not sure I’d wear them out on the town on a Saturday night, but they’re unique, and there’s a meaning there, and the kids seem to approve, so I can’t think of any reason to object.

This Maryland “State Pride” video that Under Armour put on YouTube, though, I could do without. Because the state flag outfit isn’t actually armor, or even armour, when you think about it. It’s a dang football uniform. I thought we were all getting out of the business of comparing sporting contests to wars.

“Top to bottom, you’re armed for a fight,” says the narrator in the concluding bit. “Locked in on one mission: grabbing every game by its throat and controlling your destiny. This ain’t no uniform. This is your armor.”

Meh.Great shots of the uniforms that ain’t no uniforms, though.

Oh, there was also an Under Armour press release.

“This is more than just a uniform,” the release begins. “It’s ARMOUR built with years of Maryland PRIDE and football heritage woven into its design and innovation to make the TERPS faster, lighter and ready for battle.”