(D.C. United)

DeLeon walked into the United locker room on Saturday, minus his trademark ’do.

“I was just getting tired of it,” he explained to me. “It was getting in my way, it’s hot, it’s summer. I just thought it was time, I guess.”

“I do miss it,” he continued. “But I think it was for the better.”

He found out very quickly that not everyone was as excited about it as he was. His makeover came just two days before Meet The Team Day for season ticket holders, and he admitted that a lot of the fans in attendance didn’t even recognize him.

“I got railed,” he laughed. “I got, maybe, two people who said they liked it out of all the people that day.”

It wasn’t just the look that had fans disappointed. Unbeknownst to DeLeon, there was an underground Twitter movement to have a Nick DeLeon Wig Night at RFK Stadium.

“That’s what they were telling me after I cut my hair!” he exclaimed. “It would have been nice to know that before, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it.”

Despite the fan rejection, he did get some positive feedback from teammates.

“It’s more my style,” midfielder Perry Kitchen said through the team’s Web site. “High and tight. He looks sharp, like he is ready for battle. I support it.”

Despite his desire to be free of his cumbersome hair, DeLeon has decided to succumb to fan pressure and grow it back out.

“I’m not gonna [shave my head] again,” he said.