(By Mitchell Layton/NHLI via Getty Images)

At the Caps game tonight, the scoreboard was reversed from the way it is usually is arranged--instead of the Caps score being on the left side and the Lightning on the right, the Lightning was on the left and the Caps on the right side. One of the guys that sits near me said he thought that made sense, since it's "Lightning at Capitals," and so it's listed in the proper order. That makes some sense, except that it's not like that in any arena or stadium for any sports event I've ever attended for the last few decades. The home team's score is always on the left side of the main scoreboard — and has been for Caps' games since I started going to games in the 1970s — and it was confusing to have it done differently all of a sudden.

The image above confirms the change, and so I was all ready to ask someone about the change and break this story wide open.

Then Ted Leonsis beat me to the punch on his blog:

We changed the order of the teams to be more consistent with the way media reports scores — visiting team first at home team, second. Visiting team on the left — home team on the right....

Several folks have resisted the change to the order of teams on the scoreboard and have emailed me to ask if we can go back to Capitals on left side of score board, first, followed by visiting team on right — second. We will consider this change. Stay tuned.

I can’t say I have any opinion on this whatsoever. Your thoughts?