This video of Charles Krauthammer is from last Friday’s episode of Inside Washington, with Gordon Peterson. It comes via NewsBusters, of all places. Transcript:

Peterson: “One of my favorite columnists writes this week that Barack Obama’s opponent ‘is a stolid, gaffe-prone challenger for whom conservatism is a second language.’ And you write, Charles, that ‘the less we see of these two gentlemen, the better each of them fares.’ ”
Krauthammer: “That’s a clown question, bro.”
Peterson: “Thank you.”
Krauthammer: “There’s a back story there, but too long to explain. You can look it up on the internet. It’s on Twitter.”

I mean....

Krauthammer, of course, is a longtime Nats fan, who recently referred to something I wrote as “charming,” so it’s cool. Here’s the columnist on Bryce Harper, from late last month:

They’ve got an electric 19-year-old, the aforementioned Harper, who runs the bases like Pete Rose on steroids (so to speak) — with joy and abandon. After being deliberately drilled in the back by an opposing pitcher, how does the kid retaliate? By stealing home. Nobody does that anymore. Not since Jackie Robinson, anyway. This kid does it on national TV in the first inning of Game Eight of his career against a former World Series MVP.

So the three most famous people who have publicly used “That’s a clown question bro” are now Chris Wallace, Harry Reid and Charles Krauthammer. I guess that might say something about baseball’s demographics.


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