Yes, you’ve already read the quotes, but sometimes it’s nice to watch the words flowing out of the subject’s mouth.

And so here, via, is Joe Maddon, discussing the ejection of Joel Peralta on Tuesday night.

And if you want to read the words again, it starts with Maddon being asked what he was told.

“That he had pine tar on his glove, and he did,” Maddon replied. “So that was why they took the glove off of his hand and they brought it into the dugout. And that’s why he was disqualified from pitching in the game.

“But I promise you one thing,” he continued: “You’re gonna see brand new gloves throughout the Major Leagues starting tomorrow, with pitchers on every particular Major League ballclub. And furthermore, if you want really a reaction to the entire event, I would go talk to the Nationals players and see what they think.”

“Why do you say that?” a reporter asked.

“Because I would bet — I don’t know this — but I would bet that they are not very pleased with what went on tonight,” Maddon said. “Because, again, it’s kind of a common practice. People have done this for years. And to point one guy out because he had pitched here a couple years, where there was probably some common knowledge based on that, I thought it was a real cowardly [move] — I’ve used that word twice this year.”

The above video cuts off there, but you can watch more video at CineSport, which includes these further quotes.

“To single out Joel Peralta tonight, that’s my concern, that Joel does not get vilified,” Maddon said. “That’s my concern. Because this guy has done a great job, he’s been an excellent relief pitcher. And to in any way tarnish what he’s done to this point — because there’s gonna be suggestions made based on what happened tonight — I think that’s wrong and inappropriate.

“Again, because it’s been a common practice for many many years, for everybody to try to get an edge in different ways....Joel is using pine tar, and had pine tar in his glove. I’m saying that to just suggest that he’s the only one that’s doing it is inappropriate.”

Maddon continued his defense on Twitter late Tuesday night, writing “My biggest concern for tonight is Joel Peralta. He’s going to get vilified and he doesn’t deserve that. It isn’t right. Ask the players.”

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