If you watched Wednesday’s Heat-Wizards game, you noticed lots of bad feelings: pushing, shoving, hard fouls, LeBron whining, and oh yeah, John Wall getting ejected after mixing it up with Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Late in the game, Steve Buckhantz observed that the team’s rivalry with LeBron was still very much alive. Now, I don’t know about that, since I’m pretty sure that Wall wasn’t even born when the rivalry started, plus LeBron and Z are on a different team now, plus the Wizards currently have 11 or 12 players whose names I don’t even know. (Othyus Jeffers? Really?)

Still, it was a compelling fight, filled with stars of Wizards past (Juwan Howard was barking), manic intervention by Flip Saunders (“I wouldn’t go for the leg. I’ve seen that on TV before,” he told Michael Lee), strong weakside support by JaVale McGee (“I went over there to break it up and Juwan wanted to blindside push me or whatever,” McGee said) and postgame contrition from Wall, who said he “let my organization down.”

Due to copyright issues, I can’t use this video, but it’s a better look. Also, if you watched all the way till the end of the game, you were rewarded with Mo Evans putting a mini-sleeper hold on LeBron during a fast break, and LeBron reacting as if he had just been attacked by a heroin-addled axe murderer.