Here’s what Bryce Harper’s bottom-of-the-12th heroics looked and sounded like from the 100 level Tuesday night. (Note: Bad language warning.)

And sure, the stands were less full than they might have been, since people had begun leaving earlier, due to it being a school night and the looming last-train-out from Metro. But the people were left behind seemed pretty happy.

Oh, and about that job of hitting by Harper, via MLB Network.

“That first AB I faced Ramirez, he got me effectively wild,” Harper said. “He got me out of my zone, got me out of my comfort zone. I chased three bad pitches in that first AB against him. So I was trying to go up there and just get a pitch I could drive in that second AB. I really shortened up and just tried to get a ball over the third baseman’s head or something like that, and it happened for us. Just an exciting time for the fans, and an exciting time for us.”

(Video via Reader Chad.)