The Post did a brief item on the nasty crash at Rosecroft Raceway Tuesday night. Quoting the item:

Three harness-racing drivers were seriously injured Tuesday night in a pileup during a race at Rosecroft Raceway, authorities said.

None of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening, according to Mark Brady, spokesman for the Prince George’s County fire and rescue department.

Brady said two of the drivers were initially unconscious and suffered possible head injuries. They were flown to a hospital by helicopter. The third, who suffered undisclosed injuries, was taken by ambulance, Brady said.

On Wednesday, the track itself issued an update, saying the crash started when a horse called Pinderonabender (driven by William Carter) “took a bad step,” causing a chain reaction that involved seven of the nine horses.

Carter, the track said, needed facial stitches and fractured three vertebrae; Donnie Russell fractured his wrist and separated his collarbone; and Justin Hite had a cracked heel and broken foot. The other four injured drivers were treated at the track, and none of the horses were injured.

Watch the above video, and marvel that the injuries weren’t worse.

(Via WJLA)