The Redskins’ partnership with energy company NRG has meant, among other things, that I now get as many press releases about random energy developments as I do about, say, the sport of football.

Which is odd.

The latest one concerned a television show called “energyNOW!,” which aired over the weekend on both WJLA and Bloomberg Television. The preview clips I was sent included Daniel Snyder talking about solar power, and Lorenzo Alexander and Oshiomogho Atogwe arguing about who is greener.

“NFL player riding in a small Prius is not the norm,” Alexander said on the program, while driving around in his Prius.

“His idea of going green is eating spinach or something like that,” Atogwe said. “Them Bears have absolutely no idea what it means to go green.”

“Ask him what he drives to work,” Alexander countered. “He has some high-performance Camaro or something.”

“I ride my bike,” Atogwe said, “so I don’t know.”