Bob Carpenter’s call on MASN: “Nationals fans, the wait is over! Your team is in the playoffs!...I was told that in 2005, a year before I got here, that on opening night, grown men were walking into RFK Stadium with tears in their eyes at the return of baseball. I would assume there are a few tonight.”

Charlie Slowes’s call on 106.7 The Fan: “Swing and a miss! He struck him out with a slider! Bang zoom, a Curly W is in the books! And I should say, Bang, Zoom go the fireworks, a Curly W’s in the books! For the first time in the history of the Washington Nationals, and for the first time in D.C. since 1933, we will have postseason baseball! Remember where you are, so you remember where you were!”

See also: the MLB Network broadcast. Complete with the GIF of Mike Rizzo pumping his fist.


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