Sarah mentioned earlier in the week that Bryce Harper and Wale visited Ben’s Chili Bowl together on Monday. Harper also met and shook hands with Virginia Ali.

Turns out some ESPN cameras were also there, and they captured Wale and Harper discussing the latter’s walk-up music.

“My DJ did live cuts of my songs. That’s your walk-up music,” Wale says, approximately, since he’s eating french fries while talking.

“Sweet,” Harper replies. “Thanks for doing that, man. Appreciate it.”

“It’s all good,” Wale answers. Then he starts taking cuts for the camera. Like, baseball cuts, not musical cuts.

Later, he plays a sample walk-up bite for Harper. Like, a musical bite, not a french fry bite.

“The first time, it’s going out of the park,” Wale says. “Watch what I say. Watch what I say.”

The rapper also recently tweeted photos of himself in the Nats dugout and on the field at Nats Park, with the caption “Natitude.”

(Via Nats Enquirer)

On a related note, a WaPo producer has created a Spotify playlist of walk-up music various Nats players have used throughout the season. Check it out below.