I was talking to D.C. Council Member Jack Evans about license plates last week, when the subject of the Redskins came up.

“One of my goals is to get every team with the name of ‘Washington’ back in the city,” Evans told me. “We’ve got the Wizards and the Caps and the Nationals, we’ve got the Mystics, we’ve got D.C. United. Now we’re working on the Redskins.”

Now, I’m not sure what this work entails exactly, outside of trips to scout training facilities in Tampa. But clearly, D.C. pols keep talking about the issue. Like Mayor Vincent Gray, for example, who visited Redskins Park this week and sat down with Larry Michael on the set of Redskins Nation.

“We are certainly very, very interested in the team coming back [to Washington, D.C.],” Gray said, via the team’s Web site, which probably didn’t post this story accidentally. “We focused a lot on the training facility because we have this kind of oddity where we are the Washington Redskins that play their games in Maryland and practice in Virginia.”

And thus, the trip to Tampa, which included both Gray and Evans, among others.

“Several of us went down and visited the Tampa Bay facility,” the mayor said, again via Redskins.com. “I’m telling you, almost everywhere I go, people say, ‘Bring them back, bring them back.’ And I say, ‘Well, we are working on it.’”

Working and talking about it. When I asked Evans which D.C.-sports-themed license plate he’d get first, he mentioned the Caps and the Nats, and then said this.

“The Redskins I would not get until they move back into the city,” he said, “which hopefully they would do in short order.”

As usual, Dave McKenna has written the best piece to date on the issue, in which he notes that the team recently changed the dateline on its press releases from “Loudoun County” to “Ashburn,” signaling a break in its traditional alliance with Loudoun County. (Several Loudoun County pols take shots at Dan Snyder and the team in McKenna’s piece.)

So, odds on the next local pol to appear on set with Larry Michael?

(Via @cboehm.)