D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and several council members went to a meeting at the Armory Thursday night about the future of Reservation 13, aka Hill East, aka the area where the Redskins could theoretically put a training facility.

According to WJLA, a majority of the hundreds in attendance “didn’t seem to want a Redskins training facility in their neighborhood.”

But the station also talked to Gray, who said “I think one of the things you would get is the players would move into the city, and they would pay their income taxes here. So I think there’s a lot to be said for the economic potential if they were back in the city.”

Well. If that’s really the economic justification, someone might want to ask just how many Washington Nationals live in the city, because I’m pretty sure the answer is zero. Close to that, anyhow.

Anyhow, Washington City Paper had an excellent run-down of the meeting, during which Gray seemed to indicate that virtually nothing has happened between his office and the Skins. Here’s the most interesting part:

There seems to be a fundamental disjuncture in Gray's pitch. He and the three council members on the stage with him — Jack Evans, Yvette Alexander, and Michael Brown take as an article of faith that anybody else cares about bringing the Redskins to Washington...Over and over again, they professed their Skins fandom, and expressed indignation that the ‘Washington’ Redskins never set foot in the District....Gray appealed for unity: ‘If we banded together and said that we want our team back, and worked together I honestly believe that that would happen, rather than battling over a non-existent plan at this stage.’

Those lines fell flat.

Anyhow, the point is, no news.