Some of you are tired of Vinny Cerrato career news. For the rest of you, here’s an update.

It was just six weeks ago that Cerrato was given two hours of weeknight all-football talk with Ken Weinman on Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan. And now the duo is moving up. With afternoon host Mark Viviano leaving the station, the Baltimore Sun reports that Weinman and Cerrato will now hold forth weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1. That means that you might theoretically have to choose between listening to Kornheiser, listening to Wise or listening to Cerrato.

I don’t have much more to say on this topic, but this is too short to publish, so I will add three nuggets of dialog from Cerrato’s recent interview of Joe Theismann on The Fan.

1. On Zorn

“Do you think, Joe, that it’s gonna make it easier on [Joe Flacco] and Cam Cameron that Al Saunders is gone and Jim Zorn is gone and now there’s only one cook in the kitchen?”

Because we all know how keen Cerrato has always been to avoid multiple cooks in the kitchen.

2. On the Heat

“[LeBron] is a star, but he’s really not the star of that team,” Theismann said. “He’s third right now on my list. Bosh is second and D-Wade is absolutely the best.”

“In this series, not the Chicago series,” Cerrato said.

“No, in this series,” Theismann said.

“Right,” Cerrato said.

“But this is the series that counts, Vin,” Theismann said.

“Yeah, no but, yeah but, I would agree, they all counted....” Cerrato said.

“That’s what sports is all about,” Theismann said of this discussion. “Because there’s no basketball in Baltimore, that’s the reason I brought it up.”

“You’re the man, Joe!” Cerrato concluded, with his trademark laugh.

3. On the media

“I love the media,” Theismann said. “Heck, you guys know, if we practiced for an hour, a good two hours after would be a nice conversation.”

“Hey Joe, don’t forget, you and I did a radio show together,” Cerrato said.

“I know we did,” Theismann agreed. “I know we did. Actually, what happened is you did the show until I showed up, and then you said well I’m not taking any more, I’m gonna let Joe talk.”

“Right,” Cerrato agreed.

Anyhow, congrats to Weinman and Cerrato.