Lookit, I’m just gonna provide another blog post from Vinny Cerrato’s 19-hour appearance on the Mike Wise Show, because I enjoy this stuff far too much.

I especially enjoyed this dialog between Cerrato and Mike Wise Show producer Chris Johnson, about whether or not the second Joe Gibbs Era was a success, especially considering the backsliding between years two and three.

Cerrato: Let me just say this, I’ll make one statement: If Joe would have continued to call the plays after the second year, we’d have went to the playoffs again

CJ: Why did he stop? Why did he turn it over to Al Saunders?

Cerrato: The media.

CJ: The media????

Cerrato: Yes, you guys were killing him, you kept saying....

CJ: He’s JOE GIBBS!!!!!! He’s a HALL OF FAMER!!!!!!

Cerrato: Stop, stop a minute. Remember we had struggled against Philly, we had struggled against Tampa, and you guys, the media, were saying Joe you’re over the hill, you can’t call plays any more. We won the playoff game with Sean returning the fumbles for touchdowns and LaVar intercepting the ball or recovering the fumble, and Joe read all the media stuff, felt like if he brings in a guy....And I think you know what, I think if Joe would have continued to do what he was doing we would have went back to the playoffs again. Joe Gibbs, what he did for the organization, was he brought back confidence, faith, belief by the fans....And I think we were making progress, and I’m telling you, if Joe would not have left we’d have gone back to the playoffs in Zorn’s first year, we would have went back again.

And suddenly, it’s clear that the Redskins actually had the talent for four playoff berths in five years, instead of the two they managed. Later, Wise asked Cerrato how he reacts when people say he helped destroy their favorite franchise.

“I wouldn’t say it’s destroyed,” Cerrato said. “One huge mistake. Jim Zorn was a huge mistake.”

At which point Wise said you can’t put everything on Zorn, and that Cerrato was in charge for two years, and then asked if he really blames his demise on Zorn.

“I don’t blame it on Jim Zorn, I blame it on that we hired the wrong football coach,” Cerrato said. “You know, if we would have got the right head coach? If Joe would have stayed? We would have been in the playoffs again. I totally believe that.”