With LaRon Landry’s departure, the Redskins lost one more link to their Vinny Cerrato past.

As Rich Tandler noted, Brian Orakpo, from 2009, is the team’s only remaining first-round selection with a link to Cerrato. The former personnel man was also with the Skins when they picked Kevin Barnes (2009-3rd), Fred Davis (2008-2nd), Rocky McIntosh (2006-2nd), Reed Doughty and Kedric Golston (2006-6th), Chris Cooley (2004-3rd), and possibly a few other marginal players.

But Landry was one of the final first-rounders from the old regime, and so it was interesting to hear Cerrato talking up Landry’s virtues to Howard Eskin on Philadelphia’s WIP over the weekend.

This was before Landry signed with the Jets, and the two men were talking about Landry as a possible Eagles target.

“I would love for them to get LaRon Landry,” Cerrato said. “I think LaRon Landry would be huge for them....He is good in the box. He is not a center fielder. He’s good close to the line of scrimmage. He’s a great blitzer.

“He’s very good against the run, he can tackle, he can make plays, he can run, he can cover sideline to sideline. I think that would be a huge addition for them, if LaRon could stay healthy. Howard, last year Mike Shanahan told me that LaRon Landry was the best defensive football player he’s ever coached. LaRon has just got to be able to stay healthy.”

(Thanks to WIP for the audio.)