(Photos by Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

So this is Vinny Cerrato, at home, in front of his giant big-screen television, preparing for the NFL draft.

You’ll note he has lots of DVDs and highlighters and cool pieces of paper. He also taped the entire combine.

If you read Mike Wise’s profile of Cerrato, you’ll also note that it’s sort of unclear why he’s doing this.

There is a movie theater, workout and memorabilia rooms in a basement that stretches forever, all the amenities imaginable - “Went to the big-screen store and they said if you buy a 73-inch, you get a 42-incher free,” Cerrato says. “Had to do it.”

He is breaking down film today like he does every day, from 8:20 a.m. to 4 p.m., when the kids get off the school bus. He has written charts on every potential draftee in Mead stenograph binder notebooks. “I did 140 guys, now I just got 80 to go,” he says, gleefully.

Cerrato does this pro bono, because he is currently working for no one.

Although really, who am I to judge. If The Post fired me tomorrow, I’d still probably write pro bono blog items about Vinny Cerrato.