If you’re a Redskins fan and you use the Internet, you’ve already read this amazing ESPN.com piece, Inside the Mind of an NFL GM, starring Vinny Cerrato. The only part I figure I’d highlight is Cerrato’s advice on setting free agent priorities this month.

“I’m the GM, so I’m working on unrestricted free agents at midnight, along with my owner and my head coach. The undrafted rookies, I’m giving that to whoever my assistant contract [salary cap] guy is — all teams have a couple. He goes with a couple coaches and probably my college scouting director and scouts. They’re working on the undrafted, because those guys aren’t going to hurt you. The unrestricted free agents that teams are talking to are going to make you or break you. But you’re doing both at the same time.”

So the owner is working on free-agents at midnight, is he? Because I thought the owner was far less involved than we always thought he was.

I need to get inside the mind of another NFL GM, to see what the protocol is here.

Hogs Haven has more thoughts on what Vinny might do this month.

Oh, fine, wait, one more Vinny quote, on what sort of players you might chase this month.

“You’re not going to want those kind of players who isn’t going to work and doesn’t love football. You don’t want to pay that guy a lot of money. You gotta know the guy, because you’ve had plenty of time to investigate. So you’re going to have a feel for what they’re going to come in like.”

Uh. Isn’t there a saying about how sometimes your own advice is the hardest to follow?

Barring that, isn’t there a saying about how it’s weird when a former GM tells a major news sources that you don’t want to pay a lot of money to a guy who isn’t going to work juts a few short years after he gave piles and piles of cash to Albert Haynesworth?