(Jonathan Newton/WASHINGTON POST)

On Aug. 5, the Bowie Baysox are having their annual Football Kickoff Party. This year’s main attraction will be a dunk booth. Featuring Vinny Cerrato.

“We anticipate there’ll be a lot of Redskins fans out here to watch that or participate in that,” assistant GM Phil Wrye told me.

I agree.

Here’s how it happened:

The team has a long-standing relationship with Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan, where Cerrato is now a host. So the Baysox approached the station about sponsoring the football event, and Wrye threw out various ideas, including the Cerrato dunk tank. The former Redskins executive agreed, and actually “loved the idea,” Wrye told me.

“We’re really happy he’s being a good sport, and he has just been a lot of fun to work with and get it done,” Wrye said. “We don’t want the event to be mean-spirited or vindictive; we just want people to come out, have fun, donate to a good charity, and get a chance to say, ‘Hey, I got to get my frustration out. I got to wear my Redskins jersey, dunk Vinny and tell everybody about it at work the next day.”

About that “good charity” part: the event will benefit the Jimmy V Foundation, a group Cerrato does work with. That charity was chosen in consultation with Cerrato and 105.7 The Fan. The dunk tank sales will benefit the foundation, and a special online ticketing portal will be set up, with a portion of the sales from that portal also going to the Jimmy V Foundation.

The event is already on the team’s pocket schedule and online ticketing page, although it will be formally announced in the next week or two. Wrye said Cerrato has been “easy-going” throughout, and repeatedly praised the former Skins exec for willing to poke fun at himself.

“For a chance to help out a charity that he’s involved with, he’s a real good sport about it,” Wrye said. “We’re hoping people get a chance to have some fun with him. I don’t know how many former executive VPs of football teams would do that, but he is, and we’re happy he is.”

(Eternal thanks to John McNamara for the tip.)