The headline everyone is taking out of this amazing speech on the Virginia House floor by Del. Dave Albo of Fairfax is that watching a graphic ultrasound debate convinced his wife not to have relations with him.

But honestly, that’s not the most amazing part. The most amazing part came earlier, when Albo was detailing his romantic moves in the bedroom.

“I then turn on the TV to find the Redskins Channel,” Albo said. “Now I know you think that’s weird, but my wife loves the Redskins more than she loves me. So I’m going through the TV, got my theme music going, my red wine, looking for the Washington Redskins, and I start flipping through the channels.”

And then he stumbled upon a news channel and a debate and the moment was ruined, but forget all that. There is no Redskins Channel. Albo could only have been referring to Redskins Nation on Comcast SportsNet. THAT MEANS HE WAS ALMOST CERTAINLY USING LARRY MICHAEL TO HELP GET HIS WIFE IN THE MOOD.

And this guy is an elected official. Amazing.

(Via @AdamMcGinnis)