“Right now, I’m working with somebody right now, Jake, and he has to work for his dad right now, and he’s barely making ends meet, so there’s two sides of this right now.”


Then there was a discussion of Shiancoe’s upcoming football camp at Morgan State, during which he said “I’m gonna really try to promote...health.” Also, he ended the interview by saying he hates the Packers and flexing for the cameras.

But the newsiest part, as it were, came when Carter asked about Donovan McNabb.

“You know what, as a matter of fact, I seen him out the other day, and we had a little alcohol talk, should I say, a little alcohol talk,” Shiancoe said. “And I told him, ‘Hey, look , you know, Minnesota might be a good fit for you. I think that he would probably agree on that. Who knows if he wants to stay here anymore, right, being in those circumstances? I don’t know if he wants to or not, but I wouldn’t want to stay here. Speaking for myself, I wouldn’t want to stay in this predicament right here.”

Alcohol talk, eh?

Anyhow, Shiancoe isn’t the only one who thinks this predicament is just too much for McNabb. Speaking to CSN’s Kelli Johnson, Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall expressed a similar opinion.

“You know what, I think the wound is so bad, I don’t think he comes back,” Hall said. “Would [we] like him to come back? Absolutely. You know, that’s one less position you’ve got to go out there and try to get. We need so much help around him — or around any quarterback on this team — it’s tough to see a veteran guy who can actually still play in this league get kind of pushed out the door. But that’s the direction this organization decided to go in. As a part of this team, you’ve just got to live with it and keep fighting.”

You’re welcome, John Beck!