In December, I posted to an innocent yet hilarious video of JaVale McGee botching a one-on-none breakaway dunk, and my loving commenters were not amused. Like so:

* I would expect this more from other news outlets. Less I forget, negatitivty sells (unfortunately)

* I’m worried Stein is changing “DC Sports Bog” into “DC Sports Bummers.”

* Steinberg only does gosippy Rhona Barrett type blogs.

And so on. Thus, when JaVale McGee missed yet another open dunk over the weekend, I thought about posting it, then decided I had no interest in selling negatitivty, so I refrained.

But Von Wafer missing a dunk against the Wizards, thinking he made the dunk, celebrating and grinning at the crowd, then crashing into one of his teammates and causing a turnover? That ain’t negatitivt. And it’s sure hilarious.

Plus, the Wizards won. All positive.

(Via SBNation)